Jack Meier Gallery

Art Muse Contest and the Jack Meier Gallery are partnering for 2016 to bring opportunities for gallery representation as well as a 2017 gallery exhibition. Each month the gallery will choose one finalist from the Emerging Artist category. At the end of the year, one of the monthly Emerging Artists winners or finalists will be presented a 6 month contract to exhibit at the Jack Meier Gallery. In addition, the gallery will host an exhibition in 2017 for the 24 Master Class and Emerging Artist winners.

One of our primary goals for this competition is to give artists the ability to have your work placed front of a gallery. As emerging artists, we understand the desire to have gallery representation and that getting it can be a daunting task. We are continuing to look for other opportunities to assist artists along their career path. Kim and I wish to thank the Jack Meier Gallery for their support and commitment to our contest. Wishing you the best for 2016.