Announcing the Winner of the EasyL Easel

EaselL Winner Name

Congratulations to Nanci Charpentier – the winner of the EasyL easel and tripod from

Nanci has won a Classic-2 EasyL Easel ($379 value). The Classic-2 slimline model is ideal for travel. It is slim, without a panel carrier on the back, which makes it less bulky and easier to pack when traveling. The 14″ x 18″ palette provides plenty of space for mixing paint and the canvas panel support can hold a panel up to 20″ in size.

While the easel typically gets all the glory, the unsung hero in Plein Air painting is the tripod. This prize package includes a professional heavy-duty tripod specifically designed to be extremely durable, functional, adjustable, easy to use, strong enough to hold the weight of a pochade box and sturdy enough to be stable when applying paint and mixing. The legs of this tripod extend out to form a wide stance creating even more stability when painting in windy conditions. This is a tripod made for Plein Air painting. has been manufacturing easels for more than a decade and is a company founded by artists. Please visit their website to see their full line of products.

Kelley Sanford and Kim VanDerHoek would like to sincerely thank everyone who submitted artwork to Art Muse Contest in January, February and March. We hope you will continue to enter each month and we promise that as we grow we will search for new and exciting prizes to offer our entrants and winners.

A HUGE thank you to for sponsoring the EasyL and tripod prize!

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