Where are the winners?


frog-computer 2We notice that we get a ton of traffic the day after the contest ends and that everyone was looking to see who won the contest. Unlike Amazon Prime, our judge doesn’t stay up all night looking at the entries so that we can announce the winners the next day. Why? You really don’t want the judge to be cranky and sleep deprived when they are looking at your painting.

What you may not know if you’ve never been the judge of an art contest is how much time they put into reviewing and analyzing each and every entry. In fact, they often look at all the entries repeatedly, weighing the merits of each one before making their final decision. It’s a lot of work and something they take very seriously.

That said, when will the winners be announced? The winners for the March Art Muse Contest will be notified by April 30th. We anxiously await the winners list from the judge just as much as you, and if we receive it any sooner we will put the gears in motion and notify everyone.



#artmusecontest #callforentries #win #onlineartcontest #ericbowman #oilpainting #watercolorpainting !!!!!!!

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