Want to know a secret?

eric bowman
Eric Bowman

O.K. it’s not a huge secret and you may already know what I’m about to share but, here you go.

Know your judge.

If you’re entering an art competition, any art competition, get to know your judge. By that I don’tmean get know her or him personally and then try to charm your way into winning (because that’s sleazy and will earn you a bad reputation with your peers).

What I mean by that is do your homework on the judge. Is that person the director of a museum or gallery? Google them. Have they been a judge for other art competitions? If so, try to look up the winning paintings. Did the judge pick art with a similar style? Or did the judge select all still life paintings?

eric bowman1If the judge is an artist then by all means, go look at their work! Do they paint in a loose, abstract style? Do they only paint old cars? Do they paint photo-realistic portraits? Have they been a judge for other art contests? What types, styles and subjects did they choose?

All of this information could give you insight into what you should enter into an art competition. That said, there is NEVER a guarantee that knowing all this will earn you a win. Some artist judges pick work that has no similarity to their own. Museum directors and gallery owners may select art that interests them personally but that they wouldn’t hang in their museum or gallery.

You know what they say though, knowledge is power and it can’t hurt to get to know a little bit about your judge before you decide on which piece of art to enter.

So there you go. It’s not a huge secret but I hope it helps.

If you’d like to get to know our March judge, Eric Bowman, visit his website.

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