Art Muse Contest – Welcome to Artist Smackdown

Welcome to Artist Smackdown

Warhol and Picasso entering the Art Muse Contest? Ok, well maybe they aren’t actually entering, seeing how they are dead and all. However, if these two were going to duel (artistically speaking), who would win? If you help us decide who would come out on top of this Artist Smackdown you could win too.

warhol picasso
Andy Warhol vs. Pablo Picasso

Starting today and running through Wednesday, January 6th, you can be entered into a drawing for a great prize, brushes from Rosemary and Company. All you need to do is click HERE to go to our Art Muse Contest Facebook page and comment on the post saying who you think would win, Picasso or Warhol, and then share the post. You must do both to be entered into the drawing.

Speaking of contests – why not enter your own paintings in the Art Muse Contest? Compete at your skill level, limited entrants (for Jan, Feb. & March) and some great prizes.

Check us out at Art Muse Contest and enter TODAY!


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