Art Muse, More than an Online Art Competition


Welcome to Art Muse Contest, a new type of art competition. We are Kim VanDerHoek and Kelley Sanford, the duo behind the In the Artist Studio blog. We have been working on Art Muse for a while and are excited to share it with you. While there are a lot of great online art competitions, we want to bring something different to the table. Many of these competitions have artists competing against a wide range of skills. We have a different approach.

Our goal is to give artists in each category a level playing field where they are competing against peers of their approximate skill level. We offer awards that help budding artists continue on their journey to becoming professionals, help emerging artists gain recognition to grow their careers by including an opportunity for gallery representation as well as a gallery exhibition and offer master class artists prestige, a gallery exhibition and an award(s) that will enable them to continue to build on their success.

3 Categories with clear guidelines to help you determine which is the appropriate one for your work

  • Master Class
  • Emerging
  • Budding

We offer awards beyond cash prizes. We want to support you along your career path with special awards that contribute toward that goal, in other words, we want to help you make your mark on the world.

Click here to see the Prospectus.

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